Discussion; THe Rabbi’s Cat, Bone

The Bone is carried out in black and white.  The characters are simply drawn out but the backgrounds are very detailed. The characters are iconic so I guess it would fall on the right side of the triangle. The simplicity of the characters require more language to understand the events in this story. The text doesn’t overpower the image, it’s well balanced. The layout of the panels vary according to what the author wanted to emphasize. The panels that are bigger clearly portray important events, highlighting the event in a particular scene.

The Rabbi’s Cat in like Bone is in color. The events of the story are colorful in the fact that it is essentially a cat learning to speak after eating a parrot. So we thought that because the pictures are more realistic , the more left side of the triangle is where this comic falls. We reason that this is soundly engineered because it doesn’t necessarily need as much language to explain the scenes of the story. The layout in this story is organized and consistent throughout the book.



so this is a bit late. Limuay Guam is the name my great grandmother gave me because 1-she couldn’t pronounce my name and 2- Guam is my place of birth. Here goes though:

1: the first is what I had in mind of a restaurant that would serve my favorite food; roasted pork, red rice, coconut shrimp, banana fritters, breadfruit and tapioca pudding. This is an island girls favorite menu!
2. If ever I were to open a frozen yogurt shop this would definitely be my sign’s font.
3. I once dined at a mediteranean restaurant in St.L can’t say it was my favorite but this is what the font reminded me of.
4. My favorite asian restaurant, Ginger Buffet, actually sports this font.
5. If I were ever to open a little tea shop with cute little fluffy pastries I would invest in this font.

Graffiti 2/19



THe first image was taken from a bathroom stall in the basement of the foreign language bathroom. Not gunna lie, I looked like such a creep taking this picture :p ANy way this is pretty simple to understand. This is is an argument of the causes of global warming which has been added to a few times. So why was it here in the first place? People seem to freely express their opinions in the comfort of a stall mainly because one’s identity remains anonymous. THe person who started this clearly feels strongly about global warming and posted her opinon.

Image 2: Leaving the library or entering the main library through the Wright street side there sits a trashcan with this purple image. To be honest, I have no idea what this is but here I would like to make an emphasis on my appreciation of creativity and imagination. So the first thing that came to mind was a female unicorn for some odd reason. I say that because it could be wearing a dress and the object on its head reminds me of a horn like that of a unicorn. So why did this person place this image here? Continuing with my sense of imagination, I want to say that it may have been a symbol for someone’s work, or a piece of campaign a while ago.